Codere Group

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Codere is a multinational group devoted to entertainment and leisure. It is a leading player in the private gaming industry, with four decades of experience and with presence in seven countries in Europe (Spain and Italy) and Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Uruguay). It conducts its business with complete transparency, responsibility, and commitment to customers, investors, employees, regulators, and other stakeholders.
The company began its business in 1980 as a slot machine operator in Spain, in the region of Madrid. Since then, it has diversified its activities in the gaming industry and has become a leading player in the entertainment industry. Today, the Codere Group:
- Is the leading player in the industry in Latin America and Codere Online is listed on Nasdaq.
- Is one of the main operators of AWP machines and on-site sports betting in Spain.
- Has a very broad customer base, which it connects to through a range of products and differentiated channels.
The foundations of the strategy proposed by the Group with respect to its identity, purpose, vision, and values have been incorporated into Codere’s day-to-day operations and have been taken up by the entire organization as part of its culture.
To provide emotions to those who choose an entertainment experience based on gaming in a safe environment. To be betting, emotion, fun, excitement, closeness, safety, confidence, and social responsibility!
- To be leaders and pacesetters and to create trends.
- To cast light on our industry and dignify it.
- To see the spark in the eyes of our people, giving them opportunities to grow and develop.
- To exceed our shareholders’ and investors’ expectations.
- To develop our people and the local communities where the group has operations.
- To maintain appropriate and transparent relations with the authorities.
- To promote sustainability.
- To put the customer at the center.
- With integrity and transparency.
- Working in teams committed to excellence.
- With an innovative approach leveraged by technology.
- With an emphasis on efficiency to ensure our viability.