1980 / Codere is founded in Spain as an amusement machine operator

Codere started its activity in 1980 in the Community of Madrid (Spain), as a gaming machine operator. In only two years, the company manages more than 3,000 slots (Type 'B').

1983 - 1999 / Geographical expansion and diversification

In 1983, the group expands its activity into Spain and Latin America, and begins to diversify its business, with the development of bingo, sport bets and casinos. The company opens halls in Argentina and Colombia. In 1998, it begins to manage bingo halls in Mexico.

2000 - 2007 / Growth in Europe and Latin America

In 2000, Codere acquires Operibérica in Spain, and Bingo Canoe in Madrid, one of the largest and most emblematic bingo halls in Europe.

In 2001, the company began operating in Italy, managing the Operbingo halls.

In 2003, the company wins the concession to reopen the historic Maroñas National Racetrack, in Uruguay. The group begins its expansion into the bingo operation in Italy, where a year after it starts its slots activity.

In 2005, Codere acquired Grupo Royal, becoming the leading operator of bingo halls and gaming machines in the Province of Buenos Aires. The company begins operating the Presidente Remón racetrack (Panama). In Italy, it acquires Operbingo and in 2006 becomes a State Concessionaire (Codere Network).

2007 - 2008 / Initial public offering and leadership in sports betting

On October 19th, 2007, Codere is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. That same year, it acquires 49% of ICELA in Mexico and takes over the management of the Hipódromo de las Américas racetrack. 

In 2008, Codere is the first company to open sport book halls in Spain and the only one to obtain a license to operate in Madrid and País Vasco. 

2009 - 2017 / Growth and restructuring

In 2009, Codere wins the contest for the reconstruction and management of Hotel Casino Carrasco in Montevideo (Uruguay) and opens a new CrowN casino in Bogota (Colombia).

In 2010, Codere Italia starts operating VLT (Videolottery) machines, launches online bingo and buys machine operators (FG Slot Services, Gap Games and Gaming Re). In Panama, the company acquires six casinos.

In 2012, the company obtained the license of Hipódromo de las Piedras, in Uruguay, for 30 years. In Colombia, the group inaugurates the CrowN Casino Zona T, in Bogota; and in Spain, the company obtained the license for online gaming.

In 2013, the Hotel Casino Carrasco and Hipódromo de las Piedras, both in Uruguay, reopened.

In 2014, Codere reaches an agreement to restructure its debt.

In 2015, Codere continues with the acquisition of local operators in Italy. In Spain, it begins operating betting under a national license and incorporates casino games. In Panama, the company finalizes the integration process of the CrowN brand.

In 2016, Codere completes its restructuring process. The company acquires an additional 50% of HRU, its subsidiary in Uruguay, and launches its online activity in Mexico. The group also becomes the Official Betting House of Real Madrid CF.

In 2017, the company acquired all the shares of Grupo Caliente in Mexico. In Colombia, it obtains a five-year license for online and sports betting activities. In Italy, continues with the acquisitions of Norigames S.R.L. and Se.bi.lot S.R.L. (51%).

2018 - 2020 / Transformation and deployment of online activity

In 2018, with a new management team, the company implements a Transformation Plan, impacting the group's business model, strategy, people management and operating model. Codere evolves its brand, to adapt it to the digital environment. In addition, in Mexico, a sponsorship agreement was signed with the NBA and the operating licenses of 90 arcades were renewed for 15 years. Is also renewed the license of the Mexico City entertainment complex, which includes the Hipódromo de las Américas racetrack, the Granja de las Américas children's activity center and the Citibanamex Center (operated by CIE), until 2048.

2021 - present / Nueva Codere and Codere Online Nasdaq listing 

In 2021, the impact of the pandemic, with the closure of the retail activity, led the company to implement a refinancing process. Codere, S.A., now liquidated, ceased to be the parent company of the group, transferring the operating part to Codere New Topco, S.A. (Nueva Codere), which has become the new parent company of Codere Group.

That same year, Grupo Codere reaches an agreement to merge its online gaming subsidiary with SPAC DD3 Acquisition Corp. II (Nasdaq: DDMX, "DD3"), resulting in the creation of Codere Online, the first online gaming operator in Latin America to be listed on the U.S. Nasdaq stock market. 

The company reinforces its growth plan in Latin America with sponsorships of Argentina's Club Atlético River Plate, Mexico's Club de Fútbol Monterrey Rayados and the extension of its agreement with Real Madrid Club de Fútbol to twenty countries in the region. 

By the end of 2021, Codere offers online gaming and sports betting in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In 2023, the company approves a new refinancing for 100 million euros to reinforce the consolidation of the group after the pandemic and to carry out its new Business Plan, to resume the creation of value for shareholders.