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Codere is an international leader in the private gaming industry and operates: slot machines, gaming halls, arcades, sports betting, racetracks, and online gaming, with presence in Europe (Italy and Spain) and Latin America (Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, and Panama). At present, its main area of business is gaming machines, which represent more than 85% of its gross profit. In order to reduce its risk exposure, the company is pursuing geographic diversification of its risk.
The company continues to develop its activity in this complex industry with complete transparency and accountability.

Codere began its activity operating gaming machines in 1980. Step by step the company developed and consolidated in Spain before expanding into the Latin American and Italian markets.

The Company started its activity in 1980 in Madrid (Spain), as a gaming machines operator, and has gradually diversified its activity within the industry, becoming a reference company in the different markets where it operates: leader of the gaming halls in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mexico and Uruguay; one of the leading operators of AWP machines in Spain and of bingos in Italy and a leading operator of casinos in Panama and Colombia. It also operates sports betting shops in Spain and Mexico.

With an experience of more than forty years, the success of the company lies in the fact that it has known how to adapt to the circumstances of the market at all times and has reinvested its profits in new business opportunities.

It is very important to highlight the broad and diverse regulation to which the Codere’s activities are subject depending on the country. In some cases, the company must face strict controls, with limited licenses and high taxation, while in others there is much competition and low taxes. Therefore, Codere considers that flexibility and adaptability to the environment are key as an entrepreneurial company with global focus: multinational and multi-operator.


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