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Codere Group operates  in the private gaming sector for more than four decades. Currently, the company focuses its business on five areas; gaming terminals, gaming halls, racetracks, sports betting and online gaming, which it develops in seven countries in Europe and Latin America. 

Codere's success lies in its ability to evolve in response to the market, with a diversified omni-channel offering and a customer-centric approach.


GAMING TERMINALS (gaming machines or slots)

They are located in leisure venues, gaming halls, hotels, bingos, casinos or racetracks and are the origin of the company's business.

Codere offers its customers the most complete and innovative offer from the main suppliers of games and machines in the market. Likewise, it reinforces the relationship with its partners by offering them an integral quality service and the best profitability per machine.



Codere has a wide experience as a sports betting operator.

The company started this activity in Mexico in 1998, linked to gambling halls. In Spain, Codere was the first company to open an on-site betting room in Madrid.

Codere apuestas deportivas currently operates in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay.

The company offers its customers a unique experience, thanks to its sponsorships with the main football clubs in Latin America, such as Real Madrid C.F.; Club Atlético River Plate (Argentina) and Club de Futbol Monterrey (Rayados), from Mexico.



Codere is an international reference operator in gaming halls (bingos with machines, casinos, machine rooms in racetracks and gaming halls with its own brand).

These venues have an extensive range of associated services, such as restaurants, nightclubs, shows, hotels, convention halls, etc., which make them major leisure centres.

The company is currently the leading operator in Italy, Mexico and Buenos Aires, and is particularly important in Colombia and Panama.



Codere operates four important racecourses in Latin America; the Hipódromo de las Américas (Mexico), the Hipódromo Presidente Remón (Panama), the Hipódromo Nacional de Maroñas and the Hipódromo Las Piedras (both in Uruguay), through the racino model, which allows the installation of terminals and associated gaming halls that complement the entertainment offer.

In addition to promoting and holding important equestrian events, Codere promotes the professionalisation of the sector and supports the training of apprentices through the Laffit Pincay Jr. Technical Academy for the Training of Jockeys in Panama (since 2009) and the School for Jockeys and Vareadores in Uruguay (since 2014).

The racetracks managed by the group are part of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA), an organisation that promotes regulation and best practices in the global industry. In Panama, it is also a member of the Latin American Association of Jockey Clubs and Racecourses and, since 2009, of OSAF (Organización Sudamericana de Fomento del Pura Sangre de Carreras).



Codere has been boosting its online activity since 2014 by offering sports betting and online casino through its local platforms. It currently operates in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Panama and Argentina (in the city of Buenos Aires). It also operates in Uruguay, linked to horse betting.

Since 2021, the group's digital activity has been carried out through Codere Online, a company listed on the Nasdaq Capital Markets.

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Figures at December 31, 2022.
1 Sports betting machines: Figures reflect self-service terminals (SSTs)
2Betting shops: Includes sports books co-located within Codere gaming halls and other Codere operated standalone sports betting shops.