Codere’s transformation process has reinforced its essence and emphasized those aspects of its DNA that form part of the group from its start and have contributed to its success and leadership. In this way, the company reaffirms its commitment to perform its activities with operating excellence, efficiency, social responsibility, integrity and transparency and innovation, features that inspire the purpose, vision and values of the group.



To build up emotions in those who chose an entertainment experience based on betting in a safe environment. To be betting, emotion, fun, excitement, closeness, safety, trust and social commitment!



  • To be leaders, flagships and trending setters.
  • To shed light on our industry, dignifying it.
  • To watch our people’s eyes shine, affording them growth and development opportunities.
  • To exceed our shareholders’ and investors’ expectations.
  • To develop our people and the local communities where the group operates.
  • To hold suitable and transparent relations with the authorities.
  • To promote sustainability.



Our values represent the commitment made each of the members of the organization and are constant and transversal to any function and market. The group considers it a priority to permeate them and have them remain as part of the DNA of the group throughout the changes, through their internal dissemination and exemplification.

  1. Customer-centricity
  2. Integrity and transparency
  3. Team work committed to excellence
  4. Innovating attitude levered by technology
  5. Focus on efficiency to ensure our feasibility