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Since it commenced its activity in Colombia in 1984, Codere has been the leading slot machine operator in the country, until today. Following the purchase of the first bingo sector company, Codere has also positioned itself as market leader. And it completes its gaming portfolio with the management of two casinos, in Cali and Bogota.

Codere is currently one of the biggest operators of gaming machines in the country and one of the leading players in the bingo market. The company rounds out its gaming portfolio with the management of casinos and online gaming. The company is located at  around  130 municipal districts throughout the country, including Bogotá, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellín, Pasto, Cali, Ibagué, Bucaramanga, Montería, Valledupar, Pereira, Santa Marta, Tunja and Villavicencio.

The operation is managed through private partners, located in bars, minimarkets, restaurants, shops, cafes, gaming halls, etc. Codere also operates directly gaming halls in the most important commercial districts of the main cities. Since 1999, Codere operated the Cali Gran Casino, one of the most important in the country. In 2009, after an important redesign, it has become the biggest casino of Colombia, now called CrowN Casino Cali.This year also it has opened the CrowN Casino Palatino in Bogota.

2010 was a year of important changes for Codere casinos in Colombia. Different schemes were implemented to improve the quality of customer service and Codere committed to carrying out actions to raise the profile of the CrowN Casinos. Thus, CrowN – Codere Colombia’s premium brand – focused its brand strategy by means of the “Fábrica de emociones” (Factory of Emotions) concept.

In 2011, Codere Colombia launched the new website of CrowN Casinos,, in order to build traffic and increase traffic to the halls and strengthen customer relationships. 

At year end, the Company launched Crown Casino Unicentro (which  migrates from the Mundo Fortuna), and Crown Casino San Rafael, under the premium CrowN Casinos brand, which was specially designed by internacionally renowned architect Giancarlo Mazzanti

In 2013, Codere opened the first gaming rooms under the concept Fantasy Royal Light, in Medellin and Monteria, giving more extent to this business, the most representative in the popular segment. In addition, cashless system was incorporated in more than 300 Codere gaming machines.

In 2015, the Company celebrated the 6th premium CrowN Casinos, consolidating it as one of the most relevant brand within the big casinos market. In addition, and as part of the brand consolidation strategy, in the last quarter of the year the company initiated the transformation process of Mundo Fortuna Vizcaya gaming hall, located in the city of Medellin, to incorporate it to CrowN Casinos brand offer in the first quarter of 2016.

In 2016, owing to the forthcoming regulatory changes, the Company prepared to adopt new gaming modalities: sports betting and online gaming, to be launched in 2017.

Areas of Activity (2021)

  • Gaming machines: 3,422
  • Gaming halls: 10
  • Betting locations: 507
  • Online gaming

Turnover Colombia (2021)

  • Revenue: €14.8 million euros 
  • EBITDA: €4.7 million euros 

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2014 Financial Statements (Spanish):





  • 1984: Codere commences operations in Colombia
  • 1999: Opening of Cali Gran Casino
  • 2005: Purchase of Intergames (bingos) in Colombia
  • 2007: Business repositioning plan
  • 2009: Opening of CrowN Casino Palatino (Bogotá) and reinauguration of CrowN Casino Cali
  • 2010: Customer loyalty plans were implemented at Mundo Fortuna and CrowN 
  • 2011: Opening of San Rafael CrowN Casino
  • 2013: Strengthening the brand Crown Casinos
  • 2014: Positioning the CrowN brand as a leader in fun & entertainment.Opening of Fantasía Royal Cabecera.
  • 2015: CrowN Brand strengthened its position as an entertainment leader. Boost of Fantasía Royal and Mundo Fortuna brands with implementation of centralized promotional activities, interconnecting both brands. Migration as for the gaming halls management systems in the Traditional Line with implementation of own management system scheme (no third parties), in Fantasy Royal Ferias and Fantasía Royal Cabecera gaming halls.
  • 2016: The Company prepared to develop new sports betting gaming modalities and online activity in the country.

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