Business Areas

Betting Shops

Sports-betting localsCodere has extensive experience as a sports betting operator and has major international know-how, operating this business in five countries: Spain, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay and Brazil. In 2018 the number of betting shops in the Group totaled 7,659.

Sports betting are a game mode that allows multiple setting options, either in specific local or associated with other forms of gambling, such as casinos, bingo halls, sports venues, hotels, etc... These rooms, with very different characteristics, have the most effective and innovative technology to ensure its customers the optimal transparency and reliability.

Development of gambling business

Codere started its activity in the business of sports betting with his arrival in Mexico in 1998, with the help of local partners. Most of these points are bound to gambling casinos, thereby offering users a wide variety of entertainment choices in gambling.

In the markets of Panama and Uruguay, betting rooms are linked to the management of Hipódromo Presidente Remón (Panama) and the Hipódromo Nacional de Maroñas and through the Hipódromo Las Piedras (Uruguay)

Since 2006, Codere also operates in Brazil, where it operates betting shops along the main equestrian clubs in the country-the Jockey Club of Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre), the Brazilian Jockey Club (Rio de Janeiro) and from in 2011, also the Jockey Club do Parana (Curitiba). In 2013, the company signed an agreement with the Jockey Club São Paulo and the Bandeirantes Group to provide content services and technology to the Jockey Club São Paulo. Furthermore, Codere advanced negotiations with the Jockey Club do Parana to become content provider and betting services. In Panama, Uruguay and Brazil, Codere operates under the brand Turff Bet & Sports Bar

In Spain, Codere becomes the first company authorized to start sports betting operations in the country. The Company opened the first betting room on April 16, 2008 in Madrid. Currently the Company operates under Codere Apuestas brand in Navarre, the Vasque Country, Aragón, Valencia, Galicia, Murcia, Castilla La Mancha, Ceuta, Catalonia, La Rioja and Extremadura. In the coming months the company will start operating in Castilla León.

In 2013 Codere Apuestas confirms its support for the values of sport, being the first company in the gaming industry that signs the Corporate Commitment by the Clean Sport, a project that promotes sponsorship good practice and commitment to "zero tolerance" to worldwide sports doping.