Business Areas

Gaming Machines

Gaming machines. LocalsThe gaming terminal management is the source of the Group's activities Codere. In 2018, the Company operated 57,130 gaming machines located in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Italy, Argentina, Panama and Uruguay.

Gaming terminals, also called, slot machines or slots, among other names depending on the country, offer cash prizes based on bets made by users. The machines are located in places of entertainment, gambling, hospitality venues, bingos, casinos or racetracks.

Integral attention and Innovation

Year after year, Codere professionals analyze the tastes and preferences of consumers and the needs of the hospitality industry, providing the necessary resources to meet these demands and to provide customers and users a comprehensive service quality.

Analysis, renewal and turnover machine models, commercial service, collection management, technical support and services agency, are some of the activities that Codere offers as an active partner in the business development of its customers.

The Company considers a key element in the business market continued innovation therefore offers the latest technology and the most competitive products. The result of this policy of constant renewal and rotation is reflected in the numbers: Codere machine obtains a much higher profitability than the competitors.