Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Group CODERE 

The CEC reflects the commitment of CODERE to the principles of corporate ethics and transparency in all areas of action, by establishing a set of principles and standards of conduct aimed at guaranteeing the ethical and responsible behaviour of all of the staff members of the CODERE Group in the performance of their activities.

Reporting Channel

CODERE makes the Reporting Channel available to shareholders, employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, partners and society, which they can use to communicate any action relating to the breach of this Code.

The Reporting Channel is managed by the Corporate Compliance Department, which guarantees the confidentiality, independence and protection required by national and international standards.

Reporting Channel contact:

Corporativo 34. 900.10.90.90
Argentina 0054 0800.122.3368
México 01 800 8390801
Italy  0039. 800100025
Spain 34. 900.10.90.90
Colombia 1800093-8888
Panama 507800-2633
Uruguay 00800-9929


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