Ethical Channel

Codere defends and promotes the principles of integrity and transparency set out in our Code of Ethics and Integrity; for this reason we make the Ethical Channel available.
Group professionals, customers, suppliers and third parties have access to this channel, through which they can report potential irregular conduct/non-compliance that contravenes our Code of Ethics and Integrity, internal rules or applicable law. For other questions or queries, problems with your gaming account, please refer to the relevant channels.
Complaints may be made anonymously, but in all cases will be treated with absolute confidentiality, and will be analysed in accordance with the procedures in force, guaranteeing the independence and protection required by national and international regulations.
It is also important that the report includes the necessary information to be able to carry out the analysis of the reported facts. For this reason, please bear in mind the following points:
  • Clear and detailed statement of the facts.
  • Identification of the Company or Business Unit in which they have taken place.
  • Identification of the persons involved in the reported behaviour or with knowledge of it, if applicable.
  • The time at which the event occurred or has been occurring.
  • Provide documents, files or other information deemed relevant for the assessment and resolution of the complaint.



Ethical Channel contacts: