Codere S.A.


The Company ceased to be the parent company of the operational part of the Codere Group, which has become the property of Codere New Topco, S.A., a recently incorporated non-listed company in Luxembourg. The company holds 5% of the shares in Nueva Topco, as well as the warrants issued by it, through its only subsidiary in Luxembourg (Codere Luxembourg 1 S.à r.l.), its activity being limited to the mere holding of those assets.

The Board of Directors of the Company has resolved to convene the Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting on 10 December 2021 at which is expected the approval of the dissolution of Codere, S.A.( former holding company of the Codere Group) by mere resolution of the General Meeting and the request of the suspension and delisting of the Codere, S.A.'s shares.